General Surgery

Clínica CEMTRO’s general surgery service has become reference in laparoscopy, pelvic floor disfunctions

General Surgery

Clínica CEMTRO’s general surgery service has proven to be one of the most important wards in the hospital, both in terms of number of patients it assists and of the level of specialization it has attained.  It has become a scientific and academic reference in laparoscopy, pelvic floor disfunctions and coloproctology.

Dr. J.A. Pascual Montero’s Team

Dr. Pascual Montero and his team specialize in: laparoscopy (pioneering in HD-3D laparoscopy techniques), coloproctology (which includes laparoscopy surgery for colon and rectum cancer, together with haemorrhoids treatment), oesophagus and stomach surgery (hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux, stomach and oesophagus cancer, achalasia) and pelvic floor surgery (incontinence and prolapse)

3D laparoscopy is a technique which provides all the advantages of conventional laparoscopy ( a shorter post-op recovery and less post-op pain, as well as fewer scars and shorter hospital-stay and return to work periods) plus the added value of having 3D vision during surgery (instead of the usual 2D), providing a sense of depth or a third dimension for better space orientation to the surgeon’s field of vision.  Precision and speed of execution are thus improved during surgery.

 Robotic surgery adds several improvements to 3D vision: it optimizes surgeon’s performance by avoiding any tremor while operating and it favours surgical ergonomy by diminishing fatigue, all of which improve surgical precision and thus shorten patient’s recovery.


Dr. Pascual Montero and his team specialize in laparoscopy, coloproctology, oesophagus and stomach surgery and pelvic floor surgery


It’s a specialty which diagnoses and surgically treats colon, rectum and anal disorders. It includes benign colon pathologies (appendix disorders, diverticular diseases and inflammatory intestinal disease) as well as tumoral pathologies (colon, rectum and anal cancer). Our team performs most surgeries by laparoscopy and robotic surgery while also being capable of performing the latest techniques applied to rectum cancer which preserve sphincter function without compromising radical oncological surgery such as transanal minimally invasive surgery (TAMIS) AND transanal Total mesorectal excision TaTME (via laparoscopy and transanal).

Dr. Pascual Moreno has proven his expertise in the field of proctology, treating haemorrhoid pathologies, as well as anal and perianal fissures.

Pelvic floor pathology

It includes faecal incontinence, rectal prolapse, rectosele, proctalgia and dyssynergic defecation. Our team has wide and proven experience in its diagnosis and treatment.  All necessary diagnosgic tests are available (endoscopy, anorectal manometry, balloon expulsion test and 360 endoanal sonography.

These pathologies must be treated on an individual basis.  Our service provides: medical treatment, biofeedback, posterior tibial nerve neuromodulation, sacral nerve root neuromodulation, endoanal surgery and laparoscopy surgery.

Oesophagogastric surgery

This surgery deals with functional and tumoral pathologies of the oesophagus and the stomach.  It includes common disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux, hiatus hernia and achalasia as well as oncological pathologies such as oesophageal or gastric cancer.  All these techniques are performed with minimally invasive approach in 3D laparoscopy surgery.

Abdominal wall surgery

It includes all treatments for abdominal wall hernias: inguinal, umbilical, epigastric and Spiegel hernias. They type of hernia dictates whether a conventional or laparoscopy approach (for the total extraperitoneal endoscopy)

Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery

It includes benign pathologies of cholelithiasis treated with laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) as well as benign and malign liver and pancreas tumours.  Our team can perform any type of surgery, no matter how complex and advanced it may be (partial hepatectomy, Whipple surgery…).

Obesity / Bariatric surgery

Based on conditions affecting overweight patients, various bariatric procedures may be employed to provide as personalized a service as possible.  There is no one-fits-all measure.  Some patients may have conditions which are not compatible with traditional surgery and would thus undergo more appropriate (and safe) surgery.  Bariatric surgery may be either restrictive or malabsorptive, with a possible combination of both in some cases.

Dr. Pascual Team

Head of Service

Dr. J. A. Pascual Montero

Members of the Team

Dr. J. Mª Fernández Cebrián
Dra. C. Martínez Puente
Dr. J. Mª Fernández Cebrián
Dra. I. Pascual Migueláñez
Dra. L. Martin Prieto
Dra. L. Martin Prieto
Dr. S. Calvo Fernández
Srta. Susana Martín Campos
Srta. Pilar Chico Expósito


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Clínica CEMTRO ha renovado la certificación en el sistema de gestión de la calidad por la Norma ISO 9001:2015 en 21 servicios y en sus 5 Unidades especializadas de Traumatología.  Esta certificación garantiza la atención homogénea y de calidad en estos…
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