Sports Medicine

The main objective of medical examinations is to avoid
the sudden death of athletes and prevent other risks
of Health.


Clínica CEMTRO’s Sports Medicine Unit begun its activity on February 1, 2006 with a clinical, academic and research purpose.  In 2017, Sports Medical CEMTRO is created to continue providing a full and differentiated set of medical services.

In 2014, FIFA awards Clínica CEMTRO its certification as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, becoming one of 32 institutions worldwide to have such a distinction and the only one in Spain.

Sports Medical CEMTRO brings the latest methods and state-of-the-art technology in sports medicine and trauma to athletes of all levels and all other recreational athletes who regularly work out. Sound prevention, early diagnosis, advanced treatments to reduce return-to-play as much as possible while keeping them as fit as possible.  All, using techniques and methods used by elite sport institutions.

Clinica CEMTRO is the only spanish hospital to have certification as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Sports Medical CEMTRO is divided into the following departments with the aim of achieving all of the above:  Diagnosis and Treatment of sports injuries; Biomechanics; Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.

Sports Medical CEMTRO offers the following services:

  • Sports injury diagnosis and treatment
  • Medical checkup and/or exercise prescription. Sports counselling
  • Sports psychologist
  • Cardiology studies
  • Stress tests with indirect oxygen consumption assessment
  • Adapted / Paralympic sport
  • Nutrition
  • Biomechanics: study and treatment
  • Analytical-specific pathology study: muscle, tendon, bone, joint

Clínica CEMTRO’s Sports Medicine TEAM

Head of Service

Dr. Tomás Fernández Jaén

Members of the team

Marta Soler González
Mercedes Rubio
Dra. Manuela González Santander
Paula Rodríguez
Dr. Rubén Sánchez
Dr. Antonio Escribano
Alberto Isla



Certificacion Calidad Cemtro

Clínica CEMTRO renueva sus certificados de calidad

Clínica CEMTRO ha renovado la certificación en el sistema de gestión de la calidad por la Norma ISO 9001:2015 en 21 servicios y en sus 5 Unidades especializadas de Traumatología.  Esta certificación garantiza la atención homogénea y de calidad en estos…
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