Articular Cartilage Unit

Reference center in the treatment of articular cartilage lesions using the autologous chondrocyte implant technique


Using a joint with cartilage defects continuously carries with it the expansion of this injury and the onset of OA, which ultimately means having a joint implant.  The treatment of cartilage lesions such as osteochondritis and chondropathies has become one of the main challenges of modern trauma.  Classical techniques such as debridement, microfracture or micro-drilling allow surgeons to treat small- to medium-sized lesions which are mainly asymptomatic.  However, when injuries are at a latter stage, restoration techniques are more commonly applied so that the defect area is covered by cartilaginous tissue.  Mosaicoplasty, autologous chondrocyte implant and allograft with cadaver’s cartilage are the most important alternative techniques.

Of these last three techniques, the only one which truly re-generates identical tissue is the autologous chondrocyte implant (ICC).  It is a Regenerative Medicine therapy which we have been using since 1996 and of which we have performed over 550 cases, including knees, ankles and hips; although knees represent the highest number of cases.

It is a Regenerative Medicine therapy which we have been using since 1996 and of which we have performed over 550 cases

Clínica CEMTRO carries out research in this field of trauma, becoming a world reference.  Out team of biologists and trauma specialists, led by Dr. Pedro Guillén and Dr. Isabel Guillén, has developed a new technique for implanting autologous chondrocytes  and even established a new White Room (special room for therapeutic cell cultures -The only one in Spain of these characteristics) where cells collected by surgeons from all over Spain may be cultured and sent back to their hospitals where a cartilage implant will be made.

This team also supervises the lines of research followed in the hospital regarding regeneration and cell reprogramming, coordinating all specialized units with the aim of deciding which is the best treatment for shoulders, hips, knees, wrists or ankles.

Articular Cartilage Team

Head of Service

Dra. Isabel Guillén Vicente

Members of the Team

Dra. Marta Guillén Vicente
Dr. Santiago Aráuz de Robles
Dr. Ramón Navarro Mont (Tobillo)
Dra. Lucía Áboli Martínez
All the traumatologists



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