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We are a leading service in arthroscopy, joint prostheses and injuries of cartilage. In our traumatologists trust athletes around the world.

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The Trauma, Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Service at Clínica CEMTRO comprises over 30 experts.  Our trauma specialists are renowned professional both at home and abroad in their respective subspecialties.  All together, they receive 145k visits and perform 8,8k surgical interventions per year.

A large percentage of our patients are young, highly active individuals who expose their joints to heavy work.  The appearance of a  common and apparently slight osteoarticular affection would, in their case, become a seriously inhabilitating condition for their everyday life. As a consequence, our clinicians have developed a very practical perspective in the treatment of young, higlhy active patients. We not only try to control symptoms but also to return functionality to affected joints and make sure such functionality endures.  In other words, we give back to each patient those capacities their injury had previously abducted.

Our surgeries must therefore be more precise and thorough, needing a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and of each joint’s surgery possibilities.  Specialized units have been established for the most important joints and each member of these teams not only sees a high number of patients with the same pathology but also participates in research towards finding the most suitable solution.

The establishment of specialized units within the Trauma Service corresponding to the main body segments and joints has paved the way towards highly specialized and knowledgeable experts in each of those areas.  This hyper specialization is particularly helpful in lesser known or more complex pathologies in which the surgeon’s experience and degree of expertise clearly influence the outcome. Hence, gathering similar pathologies in a same team provides the necessary level of expertise to obtain a highly satisfactory result.

Every Unit undergoes a comprehensive quality certification and training processes which makes them elaborate action protocols by common consent which are updated as science advances.  It also drives them to attend scientific training events, both as teachers and as learners of related content.

All trauma specialists working at Clínica CEMTRO, irrespective of the Unit they work for, are part of the ER and Osteosynthesis Service.  This service deals with the most frequent pathologies and fractures, many of them of urgent nature, which do not need to be referred to a subspecialized unit.

Continuous training and frequent on-call ER shifts enable clinicians to go through a wide field and a large number of cases every year (cruciate ligaments, collar-bone, ankle and wrist fractures…), providing them with the necessary experience and skill to deal with any situation.

Prof Pedro Guillén García, considered by many as the best Trauma Specialist in Spain, is one of the fathers of arthoscopic surgery.  He has been mentor and teacher to most of our trauma clinicians and is responsible for the highly skilled profile which is so common amongst our staff.  Currently, 80% of all joint surgery is perfomed by asrthroscopy: torn ligaments and menisci, shoulder instability, femoroacetabular impingement, etc.

Joint replacement surgery is another important specialty within the Trauma Service in which we have acquired great experience thanks to the more than one thousand knee and hip replacements performed at CEMTRO every year; most probably the highest casuistry in Spain.  An area of special interest within joint replacement surgeries is replacements in young patients, considering the will live with their prostheses for a longer time and require a higher level of functionality.

Clínica CEMTRO has also become a reference hospital for shoulder replacements.  Unlike knee and hip replacements, shoulder ones are less known but still show excellent outcomes.

In fact scientific advances have taken us to also perform ankle and wrist joint replacements which, while being less common, are equally successful.

Finally, Clínica CEMTRO is seriously committed to the development of treatments for cartilage injuries.  These injuries are known as chondropathies, chondral and osteochondral lesions or osteochondritis dissecans.  To this day, treatment options were limited.  However, in the last few years various plausible alternatives have been developed with different levels of feasibility.  Clínica CEMTRO is member of numerous International institutions dedicated to studying possible treatments for these disorders and its commitment is such that it has established its own laboratory where it cultures cells.  It is the only authorized and certified white room in Spain for the treatment of cartilage lesions using chondrocyte cultures (ICC).


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