Chief of Service: Dra. Ute Vera Schmülling

Nuclear medicine is a specialty which is very much in use nowadays, employing radio-tracing agents and radiopharmaceuticals (made up of a transporting agent and a radioactive isotope) for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of different pathologies.
Such radiopharmaceuticals are administered to the patient's organism in different ways (intravenous being the most commonly used). Once inside the patient's organism it is distributed and metabolized at the affected site and detected from the outside using gamma detectors or gamma cameras.

In the diagnostic area to detect alterations in various organ systems. Sometimes difficult to detect anomalies without subjecting the patient to perceive a more invasive scanning, favoring early diagnosis and decision making. The radiotracers used in the diagnosis is given in very small doses without drug-treatment interaction, side effects or serious adverse reactions. The level of radiation for both the patient and staff, is similar to other radiological techniques.

In nuclear medicine therapeutic area allows selective treatment of the affected organ, such as the direct and selective treatment of some tumors. In our center offers therapeutic field radiosynoviorthesis treatments (inflammation of the articular synovium), hyperthyroidism at low doses of iodine-131 and metastatic bone pain.




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