Service members:

  • Dr. S. Malillos Pérez
  • Dr. I. McVeigh Escardo
  • Dr. F. Durán Ramírez
  • Dra. I. Cristóbal García
  • Dr. J. Bejar


Available treatments and techniques:

  • General anaesthesia.
  • Combined anaesthesia: local-regional and general.
  • Local and regional anaesthesia for large plexus of upper limbs, lower limbs and cervical region.
  • Invasive intraoperative monitoring using echocardiography.

Research outlines:

  • Intraoperative echocargiography.
  • Echografy  for anaesthetic blockage of superficial and deep plexuses.
  • Anaesthesia in major ambulatory surgery.
  • Pre-surgery optimization of high-risk patients.


Teléfono de contacto:

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