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Clínica CEMTRO es un Hospital General que abarca la mayoría de las especialidades médicas, con especial incidencia en la Ortopedia, Traumatología, Medicina Deportiva, Rehabilitación, Fisioterapia, Podología y Prótesis.


On the 21st of June, Dr P. Guillén, together with Droiders's IT Engineers, were able to webcast from Madrid, live, a chondrocyte implant procedure to an audience at Stanford University.

• Some hours earlier, Dr Grossmann, member of the Google Explorer Program, posted in his blog that he had performed a surgery using Google Glass, claiming it to be a world-premier


Dr Pedro Guillén, Chief of Medical Traumatology Service at Clínica CEMTRO and Dean at the UCAM, became the first physician ever to perform a live webcasted surgical procedure using Google Glass technology. Thanks to Spanish-dawned Droiders, official distributor in Spain for this technology, a chondrocyte implant, performed on a 49 year-old patient, which allowed another physician, Dr Homero Rivas, Head of Innovative Surgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine and expert in Telemedicine, to take part in the same procedure from his headquarters.

A few hours earlier, Dr Grossmann, member of the Google Glass Explorer program posted he had performed a world-premier surgery with this device. Apparently, according to Julián Beltrán, Chief Engineer at Droiders, Google developing engineers are in constant contact and up-dated on any advances performed by each and every group, which means that Dr Grossmann was most probably aware of the surgery which was to be carried out in Spain on Friday (there were several press releases which said so going round on Internet).

According to Droiders, the truly technological advance to be sought was not to perform a surgery with the glasses on, but to be able to stream the contents of such a surgery to an overseas audience. "The problem with the Google Glass prototype unit was that we were not able to webcast contents to more than 5 computers simultaneously. What we have developed allows content to be webcasted live straight from the surgeon's eyes to any corner in the world, having endless participants. What Dr Grossman did was nothing more than to wear a pair of Google Glasses while performing a minor surgical procedure."

In all truth, what Dr Grossmann did had been performed by Dr Guillén's team several times before, considering the fact that prior to last Friday's complex surgery they carried out different webcasting tests from the glasses to the streaming servers, which meant that Dr Guillén had to wear and also test the glasses alone (without streaming) in minor surgeries, in order to ensure they would not be a hindrance while performing the chondrocyte implant. "We do not consider such tests as relevant since it is nothing more than recording images and sending them to our streaming server, which could be done with any wearable/mountable camera. The truly relevant event took place on the 21st, when we managed to keep a live, continuous communication over the Internet during surgery, with another medical team which was 6000 miles away who had the chance to simultaneously watch what I was watching." states Dr. Guillén, who has written an open letter to Dr. Grossmann in his blogg.

Dr Guillén, a world reference in Traumatology and Sports Medicine, performed his first knee chondrocyte implant in Spain in 1996. 400 similar procedures have been carried out at Clínica CEMTRO in Madrid ever since and chondrocyte seedings are being performed at the clinic's White/Sterile Room in the last six years, which makes it the first therapeutic room in Spain capable of producing cells to be applied at other hospitals, both in Spain and abroad.

"The chondrocyte implant performed on this patient will allow him to regenerate cartilage on his injured knee and thus recover its functionality to a large extend," confirms Dr Guillén. The patient will then remain two months without bearing any weight on the operated knee following surgery, while walking with the help of crutches, before moving on to a rehabilitation and exercising process for at least another eight or nine months. Once this stage has been completed, he will go back to his usual level of activity.

Technological Project
The surgery technique performed at Clínica CEMTRO is part of a Project in which both the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) and Droiders, a technological company also from Murcia, take part and to whom Google have been granted exclusive rights to make use of Google's augmented reality Google Glass so as to be applied in a wide range of services and procedures.



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